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Photo by: Lynn Abesera

Mahsa Zeinali is a visionary artist that believes art should be created to nurture the soul and create deep meaningful connections with nature. Mahsa incorporates real mounted butterflies in her three-dimensional pieces, which are one of a kind and unique to her integrated personality and her spiritual connection to butterflies. Her mixed media mounted butterfly pieces are dramatic, unique, spiritual and deeply moving. Since the average life expectancy of a butterfly is short, she set out to create art showcasing real mounted butterflies as her medium so they can have the opportunity to be adored for their beauty and the love and unity we intrinsically feel towards them, for many decades to come.

Born in Iran and raised in Canada, Mahsa’s fascination and love for nature and began at an early age as she internalized a deep admiration for the vast spectrum of life, inspiring her to embrace her innate spiritual connection to nature.  Mahsa channels her imagination through the illustrations she creates and she breaths vibrancy and texture into her pieces by incorporating dried butterflies. The butterflies are placed with the extreme precision, enhancing the natural essence of the three-dimensional pieces while blurring the lines between the metamorphosis of 








Photo by: Lynn Abesera


life and death, creating the illusion that the butterflies gracefully landed onto the canvas. 

Mahsa collects and reclaims her subjects in an environmentally sensitive manner using a carefully curated global network of individuals and institutions that share her passion for nature. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she maintains her studio.

Photo by: Lynn Abesera

Photo by: River Callaway

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